Rant or Rave?

In honor of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead and the ice-cream that was named after Jerry. Cherry Garcia by Kaye Linden  O.K. I took on the challenge in one long sentence but this looks more like a rave than a rant.  Thoughts anyone?  Kaye You imagine Jerry Garcia alive and well inside “Ben and Jerry’s” Cherry Garcia ice-cream, and … Read More

Kaye LindenRant or Rave?

Irene Zibin Rants with Rave qualities

“Once you were handsome, but that was so very long ago and looking in the mirror above the sink you catch a glimpse of yourself all washed out because the endless monotony of marriage wore you down and made you introverted, and even though you are now free from the strains of a relationship, it’s hard to change with something … Read More

Kaye LindenIrene Zibin Rants with Rave qualities

Rants to Rave About: Mary Bast Rants

“You think you’ve accepted having lost your breasts to cancer and then you’re slipped a spiritual Mickey and instead of your usual calm, Buddha-like presence you explode into a ripping rap that progresses from how much you loved your chas-chas to shouting that you didn’t need the muthas anyway!” With thanks to Mary Bast for a terrific rant.

Kaye LindenRants to Rave About: Mary Bast Rants

Rants in one long sentence

White clouds over outback shack I am excited about the rants that are pouring into my mailbox.  I will post my best choices on my site.  One long sentence, second person point of view, one tense only and no adverbs.  Rant away.  Theme or prompt?  Let’s see.    Three prompts for you to use: 1.  You wouldn’t believe what I did … Read More

Kaye LindenRants in one long sentence

Ma’s Passionate students offer a Challenge

Koala Blue says Hi.  He just woke up and needs a cup of blue gum tea or he’ll eavesdrop on our conversation. Here’s a surprise.  My short fiction class of eleven people received an assignment.  Their challenge after six sessions of beginning craft was to write a rant in second person point of view and in one long sentence.  The … Read More

Kaye LindenMa’s Passionate students offer a Challenge

Ma Can Never-Never Leave It

“Fifty Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole”         “Behind the Back of Beyond, in the Land of the Never-Never; in that elusive land with an elusive name—a land of dangers and hardships and privations yet loved as few lands are loved—a land that bewitches her people with strange spells and mysteries, until they call sweet bitter, and bitter … Read More

Kaye LindenMa Can Never-Never Leave It

Introduction to Ma’s Tales

Introduction to Fifty Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole By Kaye Linden  Introduction Once upon a time, Ma lived in the northwest corner of the continent, in the White Lily Lagoon country on the edge of the Australian wet lands and dry lands. A shamanic doctor by trade, she mentored young apprentices whose bones she had once mended. She journeyed within … Read More

Kaye LindenIntroduction to Ma’s Tales