Irene Zibin Rants with Rave qualities

“Once you were handsome, but that was so very long ago and looking in the mirror above the sink you catch a glimpse of yourself all washed out because the endless monotony of marriage wore you down and made you introverted, and even though you are now free from the strains of a relationship, it’s hard to change with something always demanding your attention: the demands of the boss; the dog; the endless chores around this prison that you’ve chosen to ignore but now they’re piling up and haunting you more than any relentless spirit or your wife who couldn’t hold her liquor and drank and drank until her face and neck were covered with red blotches caused by alcohol poisoning you suspect which serves her right for flirting with all those men even though you were right in the room so her behavior ate a hole in your heart and you decided it was high time you tried new things so it’s no wonder you ran away just to prove to your voices that they were wrong and that, yes, you could make it on your own out there even if your old friends didn’t invite you to stay overnight and you slept in a ditch because you had no identification and all the hotels and motels wouldn’t let you stay so you robbed a store and the ink pack exploded in your pocket and the police told you to hit the ground and you went back to jail once more.”

Thanks to Irene Zibin for rant sharing

Kaye LindenIrene Zibin Rants with Rave qualities

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