sweating in an Indian market in New Delhi

Kaye trying on shawls in an Indian market in New Delhi

Australian born and raised, Kaye learned how to throw a boomerang when she was thirteen but never mastered the aboriginal musical instrument, the didgeridoo. They say it’s like “blowing into a Coca-Cola bottle” but “I could never do it.” I wrote about the attempt instead. She teaches novel writing, prose poetry and short story classes at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida and enjoys teaching others to write their stories.

Kaye has traveled the world extensively and writes from her years of immersion in fascinating cultures.

Kaye has an MFA in creative writing from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts and has a special interest in short stories, prose poetry and haiku. She has worked as editor and contest judge for ten years with Bacopa Literary Review, an international journal. She is the current haiku, mixed genre and short story editor for the 2019-2020 Bacopa Literary Review.


Just playing and remembering how to have fun

Just playing and remembering how to have fun

Her published books include:

35 Tips for Writing a Brilliant Flash Story

Prasanga in the Underground World – a popular young adult fantasy/science fiction novel set in the center of Earth two thousand years hence. Look for the sequel in Fall of 2020.

Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole  – a linked and bawdy tale collection centered on Ma, the indomitable 99 year old aboriginal shaman from Sydney, Australia.

Ten Thousand Miles from Home – a creative non-fiction collection of tiny stories set in Australia.

Kaye’s ongoing projects include a collection of haiku, lyric essays and prose poetry as memoir.

All works are available from Amazon.

Kaye’s publications of short stories, flash fictions and haiku include but are not limited to:

  • Daily Haiku  haiku rotating publications 2015
  • “’Flash Fiction Elements’ handout from an author’s workshop” January 8th 2015   Flash Fiction Chronicles http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog/basic-elements-of-flash-fiction-a-short-fiction-workshop-handout/
  • “Forgotten”   Bacopa Literary Review 2015
  • “The Scribe”   The Copper Review   winter 2014
  • “Old women, Old Dogs” Miracle magazine print and digital editions #9 “The Cage” July 2014
  • “Old War Horse” (short story) the Fall University of San Francisco’s Switchback Literary Review 2012
  • Contracted for six months of haiku writing for Daily haiku’s fall/summer publishing schedule 2012-13
  • “The Punjab Protocol” Drunk Monkeys 2012
  • “Shift in Perspective” Shangri-La-shack spring 2012
  • “The Ring of Truth” Six Minute Magazine spring 2012
  • “Agoraclaustrophobia” Feathered Flounder” spring 2012
  • “Swords about to Drop” Drunken Monkeys   February 2012
  • “Chai Alone” Contemporary Literary Review India 2012
  • Breaking through Stone” Six Minute Stories, print/online editions. September 2011
  • “Fractured Parts” Dogzplot July 2011
  • “The New Uluru” narrated online at The Shortest Stories February 2011
  • “A Shaman Goes Walkabout” in The Linnet’s Wings print edition 2011 and nominated for a Pushcart Prize
  • “Shadowing the Shadow” 6tales.com February 2011
  • “Ten Thousand Miles from Home” The Bacopa Literary Review 2010 journal
  • “Ma Tells a Tale” Danse Macabre November 2010
  • “Ma” The Camel Saloon, June 24th 2010
  • “She Wears Hot Pink Jeans” Whispers from the Unseen, A Journal and Forum for
  • Writing in the Arts, September 2009
  • “Last Breath” The Soundings Review 2009
  • “Saving Face” Whispers from the Unseen May 2009
  • “Intocable” Breves No Tan Breves, March 2009
  • “The Brain Tumor in Room Thirteen” Expressions magazine, March 2009
  • “A Homeless Legacy” The Raven Chronicles Vol. 14 Legacies issue.
  • “False Witness” Expressions magazine September 2008
in a market in Tel-Aviv

in a market in Tel-Aviv

Affiliations include the Florida Writers Association, Writers Alliance of Gainesville, The Bacopa Literary Review, Toastmasters International (certification in Competent and Advanced Communication) The American Medical Editors Association.

More relevant information:

  • 2015 First prize for an experimental creative nonfiction The Linear and Circular One Sentence of Tattoo Designs Over His Body 
  • 2013 Writers Digest ebook fiction competition Honorable Mention for “Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole”
  • Third place for “My Soul is Driving” a reprint October 2013
  • Contest Honorable Mention for ”Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole” June 2013 Leapfrog Press


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