5 Comments on “Anyone else want to take on the Rant in One Sentence Challenge?”

  1. ellen herbert

    It’s a 10:30 yawn and you tell yourself bed, but you open your Kindle and read until your yawns become triplets that cause your jaw to pop, so you cut Kindle and bedside reading lamp, yet in the semi darkness you look out at the cold vanilla moon and it washes over you, the fear of what’s going on what’s going to happen what you haven’t done what needs to be done tomorrow and the next day what’s happening with son, husband, sister and your pulse begins to drum in your ears in your stomach and you think of your mother lying in bed when that vein in her stomach burst at last and took her and you close your eyes and feel her there beside you, not comforting, no, she wasn’t a mother who smelled of gingerbread, she was strong and proud and she tells you no matter what everything will be all right and you close your eyes and for that moment it is.

  2. bob knox

    Wow. This ranting is a little bit like opening a vein. Seems like we all have one, or more, ready to pop.

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