Why Write?

What difference does it make anyway?

A few reasons are as follows.  Add other reasons in the comments.

1.   it’s an addiction

2.  we have a passion for expression

3. it’s a challenge

4. to say something

5.  we feel we’re supposed to for x,y,z reasons

6. to become famous

7. to become infamous

8. to leave something behind in the world

9. to leave something for our kids, grand-kids, descendants

10. to stop wars and evil

11. a great excuse to travel

12. prevents dementia and keeps the mind active

13.  it sounds romantic

14.   to increase our resumee so we can get a job

How many other reasons can you think of?

Why do I write?

Because I can’t help myself.

Plus: I love the challenge of lists and compression and enjoy using these tools in flash and haiku.

I choose minimalism in my writing.

What do you choose?


fishing pole, Australian, river, quarrel

write a micro-fiction of under 250 words, then double the word count and triple the word count.





Kaye LindenWhy Write?

2 Comments on “Why Write?”

  1. Sheryl Dunn

    I write fiction for the magic – those moments when someone else, usually a character, takes over and writes for me. I am transported – something I hope my readers will be, too.

    It’s certainly not for the money or for the fame!


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