What’s your narrative’s Point of View?

She examines the fruit and imagines
its sweet taste.

What point of view is demonstrated in the above photo?


Omniscient point of view

Limited omniscience

Detached point of view

Single character subjective

Single character objective

Multiple Character

Inside a character’s head, outside a character’s head, inside or outside multiple characters’ heads, the camera lens.  Help!!!

Tough to understand.   If you critique an author’s work and it feels awkward, take a look at the point of view.  Is it consistent or does it jump in and out of the character’s head?  Is it the best choice for the narrative?


Prompt;  single, glasses, shatter

Write a hundred word story in second person point of view using the prompt.


Write a hundred word story in limited omniscience.


What is limited omniscience?  How does it differ from single character objective or subjective?

Kaye LindenWhat’s your narrative’s Point of View?

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