What is an Australian Aboriginal Shaman?

For the next few weeks I will discuss shamans as they are perceived in Australian

All creatures possess a spirit

native culture – or used to be.   For my books I needed to examine the culture in depth and became fascinated by the “woman or man of high degree” as the shaman is referred to.  Shamanism is the world’s oldest tradition and still alive in Australia.  It involves sacred knowledge, secrets, sorcery and healing.  My main character “Ma” is a lovable healer in the tradition but a trickster with a sense of humor.  More about the tradition next time.  Please add your thoughts.

Kaye LindenWhat is an Australian Aboriginal Shaman?

4 Comments on “What is an Australian Aboriginal Shaman?”

  1. Ed Anderson


    I’m sure you know the work of Michael Harner on perons of high degree. I have also worked with Martin Prechtel of New Mexico and Guatemala (Lake Atitlan) and his work in three volumes beginning with Honey In the Heart is wonderful. I hope you have found them.

  2. Kaye Linden

    Hi Ed,
    My favorite book is one by A.P. Elkin “Aboriginal Men of High Degree.” I have read it so many times it is taking on a shape of its own. k.

  3. Sheryl Dunn

    Somewhere you say that you are Ma…I think it might be on the Gainesville site.

    I think writers are all of their characters, even the hateful ones! I AM Cassie in my novel, and yet she kills without compunction. Perhaps this is my fantasy!

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