To my son on deployment to Africa…

Live your life like someone left the gate open.

“Why someone else’s son and not me?”

I had no answer.


Run with the wind

Laugh with the children

in Africa

remember your country

trust no-one

remember your people

trust no-one

remember your mother

trust no-one

remember to polish your boots, shave your head, wash the uniform of the American infantry, salute with your hand just above the right eyebrow, left hand at the waist holding an imaginary roll of coins, brush your teeth when you can, Skype home when you can, hold onto memories of drinking tea with your mother, laughing at the two Labradors as they chase chickens and squirrels, hold tight to your buddies, watch your back, watch their back, love your enemy while you shoot him in the face, don’t let him shoot you in the back, come home in a year, come home in one piece,


come home

Kaye LindenTo my son on deployment to Africa…

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