Tiny Plants and Tiny Words


lovely lilac wisteria

I have become a bonsai nut.  Compression of words and compression of plants offer a challenge.  How do we make both of these honed, precise and yet attractive?  Both require knowledge of their specific craft.

To capture the essence of a plant’s beauty in miniature takes patience and demands the skills of relaxation and focus.  The creation of the tiny story or haiku requires the same skill set. The creation and capture of an “aha” moment or image in miniature asks for patience and practice.

Ok. So what? Then we die. Why so much effort?

The creative spirit demands plunging into the experience of a moment. The practice of the skills needed for bonsai creation and tiny story creation are practices we can apply to our practice of life.  Focus on the moment, the hour, the day and keep it simple with our frame of reference tight.

Above all else: Enjoy.

Till next time.

Prompt for today:

The purple wisteria blooms under and around the wooden trellis but a shadow looms.

Write about what happens. Is the shadow metaphorical?  Or is it a murderer or thief about to invade someone’s garden?  Or is it just the shadow of a hawk after a rabbit?

Prose poem. haiku.  flash fiction.

Your choice.  As always.  Let’s see what you do.

Remember: Keep it small and simple.





Kaye LindenTiny Plants and Tiny Words

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