The Call to Adventure


Twelve steps of the Hero’s Journey  

Today, I will apply step two of the hero’s journey in the writing of a flash fiction: the call to adventure

Previously, I had written the first line which shows the hero in his ordinary world and grounds the reader to who, what, where and when.

“My father had his second heart attack three hours before I boarded a Qantas flight from LA to Sydney on a planned visit. ”

Now the writer must move into step two and apply the call to adventure.  Let’s see what I wrote for the next line…

“I got the phone call from his new wife.  ‘No point in coming, Sarah. Your father is in the hospital and needs his rest.  I have to go now.’  She hung up before I could ask the name of the hospital.”

Does that work for application of step two?  Yes. It is a challenge to the daughter “not to come over.”   What is her next move?

In terms of flash fiction, the grounding elements are offered immediately as a setup.  Then comes the thwarted desire, the daughter wishing to go on her visit but now told by the stepmother that she should not come.  The daughter’s reaction to this challenge must advance the story.

The application of the third step of the hero’s journey might be tough.

Can you figure out the next line for this flash story that will apply step three, the “refusal of the call?”   Remember that this is a mini story with compression of story elements.  Step three has always baffled me.  Why do you think it might be a baffling step?

Your challenge: Write the next one or two lines in the story and post it in your comments.

More next time.  Kaye

Kaye LindenThe Call to Adventure

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