Sit Alone and Listen

Shut off the phones, wrap yourself in a shawl or comfortable blanket, sit in your favorite chair, back upright, feet flat on the floor, arms by your side and listen.  Just listen.  Sit still like an angel listening, eyes closed, gentle breath in and out, out and in, through the nose, no fancy postures or mudras or finger techniques, just sit and listen.

What will you hear?

Magical whispers of ideas and thoughts for stories, for anecdotes, for novels, plots, haiku, poetry, novellas…  bring your mind into focus and watch that black screen inside between your eyebrows.  Pick a saying or a favorite word and repeat it over and over, perhaps following a gentle breath. Take just a few minutes or a half hour of your day, to listen to the subconscious streams of story ideas that float across when all is quiet…..

Let me know whether you come up with some story bones.

p.s. Sit with no expectations.  Just sit.

That’s my prompt for you this week.  Try it.

Oh, ok…here’s another concrete one for you.

Every life is extraordinary.  Remember a time when the world was a magical place and write a hundred word story that captures that magic essence of a slice in time.


Kaye LindenSit Alone and Listen

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