To Self-Publish or not to Self-Publish: therein lies the answer…


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To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish—therein lies the answer…

Frankly, I am tired of paying reading fees and entry fees.  In submitting “Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole” I paid out a couple of hundred dollars in reading and competition entry fees.  I haven’t heard back from most of these companies, received some rejections and one Honorable Mention.  Great. So what now?

I would rather put my money towards self-publishing. In fact, I don’t have to put a lot of money into it.  Just those reading and competition fees.



Repeat after me: “SELF PUBLISHING.”

It’s o.k.

No longer is this a lady of the night, an “alcoholic” in the closet, ashamed of herself and hiding.

She is a lady in literary recovery.

She is no longer powerless.

She is Madame Self-Published and proud of it.

This writer is tired of the traditional publication process.

This writer is feeling empowered.

Take discouragement and shove its ugliness into a drawer.

Pull out that manuscript and start editing…..

How to self-publish and where to self-publish?

I’m in that process and everything I learn I will share with you.

Writers need to support each other, share information and stay united.

More next time.

Kaye LindenTo Self-Publish or not to Self-Publish: therein lies the answer…

5 Comments on “To Self-Publish or not to Self-Publish: therein lies the answer…”

  1. Ed Anderson


    Well expressed. I have had a similar experience over the past two years and I’m arriving at the same conclusion. Self-publishing offers the advantage of concrete bench-marking of your creative efforts and leaves the rest to history. At least you have a history.

    I’m fascinated by the recent neo-Russian upsurge of suppressed writings in all genres from the former Soviet Union. They experienced 80 years of desolate silence and many of their best went to the gulags and died without acknowledgement until now. An entire resurgence is happening as hidden manuscripts are finally being revealed, discussed, and what one Princeton Professor once said is about to happen:

    “The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution cut short a Second Renaissance in Russia the likes of which the world has never seen.” Self-publishers of the world unite. We have nothing to lose but 80 years!

    1. Kaye Linden

      Thank you Ed for that fascinating response. The “desolate silence” is a sad echo. These voices are emerging now. Those writers today who face a “desolate silence” because of the traditional publishing tracts will soon be heard through the self- publishing mode.

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