Where Did My Story Go?

Your bio is long and impressive but some of the links are not supported anymore and your work has disappeared into the deep black gulf of nothingness.

What happened?  What do you do when this occurs? I’d love to publish your ideas and experience with this.

Send me your thoughts on this phenomena and how to avoid it, how to remedy it. Does that mean your work is now unpublished because the site it was published on is no longer up?

Kaye LindenWhere Did My Story Go?

One Comment on ““Where Did My Story Go?”

  1. ellen herbert

    Hi Kaye,
    Love your blogs! And I know what you’re talking about!
    I had a story in an on-line zine called FICTION WEEKLY. My story, “The Bad Thing that Happens to Good People,” was their story of the week. More than that their editor helped me to improve the story before they published it.
    This is why I am so grateful to Shelfstealers who will put “Bad Thing” with 11 other stories into FALLING WOMEN and Other Stories.

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