poem, tale, anecdote or flash?

“The furniture is like models of animals. You can see the dining room table as a kind of bull standing with its cows, the chairs. Or the easy chair with its footstool, the cow with its calf…

And they live a life, as if a spirit world and this were overlapped, oblivious to the other.

In moonlight these animals soften and resume their lives, browsing the rugs; as we, upstairs, asleep in our dreams, resume our lives; overlapping and oblivious to the other…”

Guess the title and the author.

Is the above a prose poem or a flash fiction?

Justify your choice.

What do you get from this piece?  What emotions or imagery?

Does it mean anything to you?


Prompt for today:

Write a prose piece or a flash fiction on duality– the overlapping of day and night, the overlapping of two religions or the overlapping of two opposite characters.

eg. “As daytime merged with the pink of evening, Justin swallowed the hemlock and ran back to the river to join the one he loved …” etc.



Kaye Lindenpoem, tale, anecdote or flash?

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