Meeting the Mentor Stage Four in The flash fiction challenge

All creatures possess a spirit

Today we look at the application of stage four of the hero’s journey template with a flash fiction story.

(Disclosure: This particular story has been accepted by Foliate oak Literary for publication in January.)

We have covered the first three steps in the first part of the flash:

Just in Time for the Old Man’s Passing

by Kaye Linden

This last section for today’s discussion represents the meeting with the father’s neighbor.  Will she help Sarah?   Yes.  She will.  Mrs. Hargreaves will function in the role of mentor and precipitate Sarah’s journey through the story.

The term “mentor” comes from the name of the friend of Odysseus in The Odyssey.  He raised Odysseus’ son “Telemachus” and therefore became the trusted and protected friend.

Story mentors encourage their protegees, inspire them to action, protect and train them. They can be rough on their mentees, breaking them down to build them up.  (karate kid)  Mentors act as a backdrop to highlight the foibles and weaknesses of the hero.

Read up on the Hero’s Journey.  Applying the 12 steps of this journey will guarantee a story’s strength: it appears that we can apply these steps to any story, even a flash fiction.

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Kaye LindenMeeting the Mentor Stage Four in The flash fiction challenge

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