Looking at desert art and dots dots dots

symbolic of traditional stories

Patterns of dots are used to represent traditional aboriginal stories such as food-gathering. Colored dots, side-by-side, or dots on dots, create multidimensional pictures of life, movement or landscape.  e.g.  dots of scrub, sand, hills and rocks. Fly over inner Australia and the landscape elements look like dots….      how did they know that?

Imagine your story as a painting.  The words are the dots and the dashes.  Paint a visual for the reader with colorful and concise words.

Prompt for today is:   Write your own creation myth in less than 250 words.   If you wish, use the words “dreaming, songs, ancestors”   Later, expand that myth into a flash fiction of a thousand words.

If you wish me to post it on my blog, send it in.  Keep writing and painting dots dashes stripes wavy lines and colors with words….


Kaye LindenLooking at desert art and dots dots dots

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