Let’s walk each other home

support each other

writers must support each other

How do writers support each other?

1. link to blogs and websites on your blog and website

2.  let your writer friends know when there are neat competitions or calls for submissions

3. When asked, offer critique of their work:   two positive comments and two that will improve the piece

4.  Share valued opportunities such as editorial positions

5.  interview your writer friends on your blog

6. refer the author to your agent or publisher if their work merits such referral

7.  Offer them a place to stay for their book tour

8.  For author friends on book tours, let them know the “go to” places in town

9.  Connect your author friends with those who can support their efforts   (administrators of sites where lectures or workshops are valued)

10.  Offer advice, when asked

11. recommend their teaching abilities

12. Keep in touch

13. create a critique group

14. create a haiku group

15.  create a class for small groups


On that note:

Please go to the Bacopa website and enter your work.


Check out this neat monthly competition with cash prizes each month:



Think of any other ways we can walk each other home?   Let’s hear it.

PROMPT for today:   You have won the challenge to live alone on this island for a month.   No-one else lives here but there are a couple of abandoned cabins.  What conflicts do you confront emotionally over the month?   Or, what physical confrontations prevent you from an easy survival.   What do you see in the distance?   A cloud, a tornado, a hurricane or the smoking tail of a jet about to crash….



Till next time.   Kaye Ma Linden

Kaye LindenLet’s walk each other home

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