Fixed Form: The Flashku and its rules

Thank you to Bruce Holland Rogers, my wonderful mentor, for requesting more rules.

Bruce is the master of fixed forms such as the Fibonacci form. (more later on that one)

I need help deciding on the last rule.  I am leaning towards using the same syllabic count as the number of words.   Your input is valuable.   Thoughts?

So far the rules for the new FLASHKU are:

1. Juxtaposition of a nature image with a tiny story(Duality)2. Creation of a world
3. Sparse bare bones language with meaning weight that adds to the story
4.  50 words or under
5. written as narrative/prose with no broken lines
6. I am toying with the syllables:

either the same count as the total word number or multiples of 17.

Help create the last rule of a new fixed form.


Kaye LindenFixed Form: The Flashku and its rules

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