Bruce Holland Rogers and the short short

Circular stories

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Bruce is the flash fiction prodigy of this planet.  He is my mentor and teacher and I take my invisible hat off to this gentle man who taught me how to recognize a story.

In class he would repeat “that’s too vague” and I didn’t get what he was saying.  About a year later, the epiphany shone through the dark “huh?” cloud while creating a child’s story in class with Bonny Becker, another amazing master.

Keep it simple.  Keep it tight.  Make each word count.  Thank you, Bruce.

Bruce also writes an invaluable column for Flash Fiction Online.

Check out my favorite story, its circular movement and its symbolism.

Concision offers this read as moving imagery in the reader’s head. A sweet story vision.

Kaye LindenBruce Holland Rogers and the short short

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