Aboriginal Women’s Business

The aboriginal women follow the traditional Law governing their rituals and duties. They continue the traditions and the laws through their song, or song-lines. The Law is intrinsic to their life. Or used to be, before the Europeans came….

“The woman sings, then she gives that ceremony to the others, to make it strong. The old woman is the boss, because the spirits of the country have given her the ceremony: So all the  women get together and sing.

The old women sing the ceremonies if people are sick, they sing to heal young girls, or children…The old women are also holding their country as they dance. The old women dance with that in mind, they teach the younger women and give them the knowledge, to their granddaughters, so then all the grandmothers and granddaughters continue the tradition.”   Phyllis M. Kaberry, “Aboriginal Woman: Sacred and Profane.” London, 1939.

What have we lost in western society?   I can start the list… chanting and singing, togetherness, the tribal support system, compassion without agenda…   Can you add to this?   Do you agree or disagree?    Can you write the woman’s song?


The tribe, chanting, strangers…



Kaye LindenAboriginal Women’s Business

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