What is your Truth?

We move from one point to the next

Indeed, what is your truth?

Can you weave it into the fabric of your stories, into your themes and into the spirits of your characters?  Can you change with your characters? Do they teach you something on their journeys?

You are the sculptor of destiny, your characters’ and yours.

Ma is older than old.  She is losing her magical powers. But, she has courage. She is never afraid to speak out for what she believes in or how she envisions a perfect world. Her truth motivates her journey and compassion.

Are you afraid to speak your truth in your stories?   What holds you back?

What is your truth?

Can your characters carry your message with their journeys?

Let’s hear about it.

Kaye LindenWhat is your Truth?

4 Comments on “What is your Truth?”

  1. Richard Shewmaker

    My truth is rationality. I’m like Spock and Christopher Hitchens and Neal DeGrasse Tyson rolled into one. This is a handicap for reading fiction or watching some kinds of movies because my truth will only let me suspend disbelief so far. I don’t read much fantasy or authors like Dean Koons. Terry Pratchett is okay because he is fun, but Dan Brown is unreadable, and makes me angry because a lot of people actually believe his crap. L. Ron Hubbard’s nonsense actually founded a large evil religion. Alas, I find it difficult to convey my truth in my stories because when I try it reads like a petty debunking of people’s beliefs.


    1. Kaye Linden

      Hey Rich,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Those with scientific backgrounds might have difficulty with fiction but unless stories are grounded in credibility and logic, they won’t make much sense. Therefore, write a fiction story about someone’s belief but do so through a believable character and tell your truth that way. A crazy character on a soapbox. kaye

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