One Comment on ““Thinking about an MFA? Look at Charlotte Morganti’s Blog today”

  1. ellen herbert

    Hi Kaye,

    Great topic.

    I received my MFA with a concentration in fiction from George Mason University in ’92. Mason made me a TA, paid my tuition, and gave me a stipend. I have a family, so it was tough to teach, go to classes, and find time for writing, but somehow it got done. After graduating I taught fiction and cnf at the Writer’s Center, Bethesda. Eventually got a job at Marymount U. as an adjunct working with some of the funniest nicest people on the planet. I was given an appointment to their faculty and became fulltime for a while, which made for some crazy years since I taught 4 classes a semester.

    I don’t regret my journey or pursuing an MFA. I learned a lot and had fun!

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