A world in a tiny written piece

I have invented the Flashku.  The definition is a “compressed, sparse piece of writing that captures a world, offers an image of nature within a flash story.”

Microfiction pieces of 50 words or under challenge the word skills and imagination of the author.  Sparse, honed writing is an element of haiku and the juxtaposition of the image of nature as a backdrop to a tiny story is a Kaye Linden derivative.  I am considering mandating a 17 syllable sound byte maximum but will think about that one.

Flashku is written as prose or as one sentence and sounds like a stretched out haiku poem.

Flashku is about letting the reader drift along on the images presented.

Here’s my attempt:

“Two orange piranha follow each other through a warm pond laced with yellow-green bamboo fronds and sheathed with white lily pads on a surface where rain dimples into clear water and one slow fish will soon become one dead fish.”

Now your turn.

image photo : Kata Tjuta



Kaye LindenThe FLASHKU

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  1. Kaye Linden

    The Flashku is an evolving entity, Bruce. I just came up with it a few days ago.
    So far the rules are:
    1. Juxtaposition of a nature image with a tiny story
    2. Creation of a tiny world
    3. Sparse bare bones language
    4. 50 words or under
    5. written as narrative/prose with no broken lines
    6. I am toying with the syllables: either the same count as the words or multiples of 17.

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