The Bullock on the Roof Story

Write a flash about this

Write a flash about this

Thank you to Jeanne Rochford for her lovely story submission.  You remember the prompt picture I posted last week.  I asked for a flash story.  Jeanne sent me a memorable one and here it is.  Good work Jeanne.

“Last week, Glenn traveled to India for his brother’s wedding on December 25th.  Glenn especially liked American Christmas traditions and decided to incorporate an Indian bullock, instead of a reindeer, on the roof of his parents’ house, a roof already stacked full of wedding presents. An hour before the wedding, Glenn rented a forklift to raise the bullock onto the roof.

When the bride and groom walked down the front path for their wedding ceremony, they fell to their knees with delight for such a favorable omen. The bullock sat on the roof all night while the happy couple danced with hundreds of wedding guests accompanied by Balalaika music. When Glenn jumped into the forklift to lower the bullock, the snorting animal ran amok around the roof and trampled the wedding gifts. Some gifts fell off the roof and showered the wedding couple with pieces of silver, gold and lace. They laughed at the blessings from the bullock, a sign of good fortune. After finally lowering the bullock to the ground, the couple rode on his back into their parents’ house where they salvaged the remains of their gifts and drank to their prosperity.”

Jeanne Rochford

My note:

I like the humor and lightness in this idea and Jeanne’s playing with the images of a wedding couple viewing a destructive bullock as a blessing. A nice juxtaposition of ideas.

Thanks Jeanne.

Can I post anyone else’s flash fiction or non-fiction response to the prompt????????



Kaye LindenThe Bullock on the Roof Story

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