Are you sitting down…???

UNNERVInG isn’t it??? Why? I discovered not one, but two black widows yesterday while checking out my water pump.   It led me to the following information which I am sharing with you because of its interest and to warn you about these hidden creatures.   Now I am obsessing over their location– I look inside my shoes (which I used to … Read More

Kaye LindenAre you sitting down…???

Cracks in the Desert

Prompt for today: Write about the cracks: cracks we fall into, cracks in the picture, cracks in a promise, weathered faces, places we fall into, dark places, deep places, finding the light places, finding the other side, changing perspective, lost in the desert, found in the desert, tiny caves, places of refuge, what’s in the cracks… Study the picture and … Read More

Kaye LindenCracks in the Desert

Australian Aboriginals and American Indians Honored their Land

Chief Joseph quoted the following: ” My father was the first to see through the schemes of the white men…. He said “My son….when I am gone…you are the chief of these people…. Always remember that your father never sold his country….  This country holds your father’s body.  Never sell the bones of your father and mother.”  “I pressed my … Read More

Kaye LindenAustralian Aboriginals and American Indians Honored their Land