Empty Nesting-the unfeathered nest

      It’s a strange phenomenon, the empty nest syndrome. I didn’t see it coming. Our last child moved away. What was it about the last one? Perhaps, because the move is overseas, it hits that much harder. Perhaps not. Why don’t we hear more about what women experience with empty nest? I know men go through it too.  … Read More

Kaye LindenEmpty Nesting-the unfeathered nest

Flash Memoir Writing

  When my mother died a year ago, I was incapacitated with two broken arms and could not fly overseas to the funeral.  I began to dictate flash memoir, a mix of prose poetry and flash story. By the time my hands could write again, I had collected bits and pieces of my story. Helen’s amazing and historical story waits … Read More

Kaye LindenFlash Memoir Writing

The Bacopa Literary Review Editor’s Blog: flash is no longer fiction…

Bacopa Literary Review Writers Alliance of Gainesville’s international journal in 8th year : Contest Submissions Open April 1, 2017 This blog cited among Top Literary Blogs for Writers and Publishing Agents. For examples of work we seek–follow, connect, read below, or click: flash story, poetry, fiction, nonfiction. Sunday, March 19, 2017 Flash is No Longer Fiction. . . By Flash … Read More

Kaye LindenThe Bacopa Literary Review Editor’s Blog: flash is no longer fiction…

Notes to myself on flash fiction

Ways to Hone the writing of Shorts and Typical Key Elements   by Kaye Linden     The above log cabin is where we used to live.  Enough said about that. In organizing my stuff for the new year, I came across a bunch of notes I had made for myself on flash fiction.  These are rough notes but might … Read More

Kaye LindenNotes to myself on flash fiction