Didjeridu Dreaming

“In the beginning, all was cold and dark. ..to bring warmth and light, to protect his family…he added more wood to the fire, and as he did he noticed that one of the logs was hollow, and a family of termites was busily feeding on the heartwood in the center of the log.  Not wanting to hurt the termites, he … Read More

Kaye LindenDidjeridu Dreaming

Introduction to Ma’s Tales

Introduction to Fifty Tales from Ma’s Watering Hole By Kaye Linden  Introduction Once upon a time, Ma lived in the northwest corner of the continent, in the White Lily Lagoon country on the edge of the Australian wet lands and dry lands. A shamanic doctor by trade, she mentored young apprentices whose bones she had once mended. She journeyed within … Read More

Kaye LindenIntroduction to Ma’s Tales