Ma passes christmas day in the forest


Christmas day for Ma is one of relaxation and contemplation. She takes her craft books, her dog Bruce, a picnic lunch of tiny sesame seed dumplings and fairy pancakes, and sits on a plaid blanket under the trees.  Red, white and pink camellias are in full bloom,

Ma and Bruce enter the forest...

hybrid azaleas open and close to Ma’s singing, hawks perch on the top branches of bare trees, wings open to the sun and rise and fall with the soft winds.

Ma honors the trees with her quiet.She meditates under the living giants and remembers a time when she used to go walkabout.

An owl coos as twilight falls over a sleeping Ma. Bruce snores in harmony with the old lady as ants carry off the crumbs from afternoon tea.

Happy holidays.

Kaye LindenMa passes christmas day in the forest

One Comment on ““Ma passes christmas day in the forest”

  1. ellen herbert

    Hi Kaye,
    Ma’s Christmas sounds lovely. Hope yours was too.
    We ate 3 lobsters here and played lots of Scrabble.
    cheers and merry merry,

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