Ma is born


Tails and tales

Tails and tales


Ma is born but got old quick.   However, the word “quick” also means “alive.”  Ma is alive but 99 years old.  I am proud to announce that after eighteen months of being tied up in a contract with a traditional publisher, Ma is now free.  She is causing lots of havoc and intrigue (roping the editors at Amazon and tying up feet at Booklocker) and having a blast.  Her little tricks are sharp and concise, like writing this blog piece to you.  I told her to wait but she is jumping around on the anthill in anticipation but perhaps from ant bites.  I’m not sure.

So here we are- Ma and me, or should I say Ma and I?  Which is it folks? Neither one sounds correct.

Life is good.  The Dreaming is under way…


Kaye LindenMa is born

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