Lydia Davis Flash Fiction Writer

Write a flash about this

Write a flash about this

Prompt for today:

Write up to 250 words about the picture. (a bullock on a roof in an Indian village)

Why, what, when, where, how did he get there?   Let your imagination go wild but stay focused on one storyline only.

You can post it in comments if you wish.   Don’t waste your words on adverbs or adjectives.  Keep the story tight.


In the meantime, I happen to admire the writings of Lydia Davis.  Here is a little piece from one of her flash collections:

“In a house besieged lived a man and a woman. From where they cowered in the kitchen the man and woman heard small explosions.  “The wind,” said the woman. “Hunters,” said the man. “The rain,” said the woman. “The army,” said the man. The woman wanted to go home, but she was already home, there in the middle of the country in a house besieged.”

(page 66 ” The collected stories of Lydia Davis” )   What is your reaction to this microfiction?   What do you think it really means?

Ma is calling me for tea…. we’ll talk soon…

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