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she likes hot pink jeans

Prompt for today:

Who, what, where, when, how, and why, about “falling into or out of a black hole”    Write about this concept from an unusual angle.    I will post and share your stories.  Keep them under 250 words with each word carrying meaning.

Alternatively, write a haiku without following rules but three lines only.  No adverbs, adjectives or weightless words.

In the meantime, a haiku and flash story (Perfect Body) in one sentence from one of my upcoming collections:

“She Wears Hot Pink Jeans with a Switchblade in the Pocket”:

“behind the nun’s smile—

a glimpse

of black teeth”

(published by Daily haiku 2012)


Perfect Body in One Sentence

(published by The Mustache Factor 2011)


Your arm doesn’t belong to you anymore, sensation fades, a kaleidoscope of pink and yellow circles assault your eyes as anesthesia winds the muscles down into a free-fall of sorts for your next body part procedure, where this time the surgeon excises a tumor (maybe or maybe not in need of extraction) and you fall into the dizzying depths of the operating room and remember when you were eight and a doctor with a mask etherized your baby body and burned up the appendix, then at fourteen they took out your tonsils but you could eat ice-cream afterwards, at eighteen three wisdom teeth, at twenty they widened the sinuses, at forty the hyperabdominoplasty repaired loose skin from two C-sections and one gall bladder operation, and you wonder if you’re addicted to internal plastic surgery, or to the attention you get with the cleaning up of unnecessary body parts and if you need all this cutting anyway and then your memory goes black as death when the surgeon makes the first cut and slices into your brain.


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