In honor of my dear friend who passed away September 20th from ALS.   I offer you the Forget-Me-Not symbolism.


Shaped like a mouse’s ears, (hence its Greek botanical name,) the flower’s English name comes from the old French “ne oubliez mye” which came from the old German “vergiss mein nicht.”   Guess what they mean?  That’s right.

Blue is the color of the sky, clothes the Virgin Mary and suggests spirituality and purity. Gardeners treasure these little blue flowers to accent borders. Almost everyone knows the name of this flower and understands its symbolism. The flowers grow in damp places and were the flowers of choice from Lady Chatterley’s lover. Blue and yellow attract insect pollinators, blue rooms and diaries covered in blue repel flies.  (Legend says)

I offer you a bunch of Forget-Me-Nots today in memory of those who have passed through this life and onward….

Prompt for today:

1. Write about the Forget-Me-Not from an unusual perspective.

2. Your main character finds a bunch of fresh Forget-Me-Nots hanging from a dumpster. What action does he take and with what consequences?

Remember: who, what, where, when, why—what happens?


Kaye LindenForget-Me-Not

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