Are our stories our truth?

I open my heart as the lotus opens her heart

What is your truth?

How much of the story you tell reflects what happened in reality? Do you spin that story?

Are you writing fiction with an underlying element of truth or are you writing non-fiction with an overlay of truth?

Which is it?   Is it the same thing?

Examine your writing.   Could you submit your stories as creative non-fiction?  Our memories are faulty.  Most of our true stories will have fictional elements.  Write one of your stories with a sense of yearning and offer the reader a creative non-fiction.

If you say it is the truth or that it is non-fiction, who am I to argue?

Think about it.

Ma is waving a cup of tea at me and I have to go drink black tea with brown sugar and cream.  See ya.

Kaye LindenAre our stories our truth?

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