An Aboriginal View of Death

We walk among the living for a short time

Death is considered inevitable only in old people and perhaps in newborns.  Untimely death of a younger person is considered a result of “evil magic” by that person’s enemy. If a death causes a disruption in the fabric of a society or clan, (and it does) it is considered an act of sorcery. Because the whole tribe goes into mourning for the victim of such an untimely demise, daily life is affected and therefore, revenge is in order.

Sorcery and magic are woven into aboriginal life but none would admit to practicing such magic.  The investigation into an untimely demise directs tribal emotions and maintains order. Death causes such a tearing apart of personal and tribal relationships that magic is the main explanation for such a chaotic event.   More later.

Kaye LindenAn Aboriginal View of Death

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