Didjeridu Dreaming

Take me home on the sound of the didjeridu

“In the beginning, all was cold and dark. ..to bring warmth and light, to protect his family…he added more wood to the fire, and as he did he noticed that one of the logs was hollow, and a family of termites was busily feeding on the heartwood in the center of the log.  Not wanting to hurt the termites, he put the hollow log to his mouth and began to blow…the termites flew into the night sky and turned into the stars and the Milky Way, lighting up the land, and for the first time the sound of the didjeridu blessed Mother Earth, protecting her and all Dreamtime spirits with the eternal vibration…”

(Adapted from “A creation story from Cape York, Australia, “Indiginy-live at the Rock, 1994”)

PROMPT for this week:

Reflect on the multiple aspects of sound- in language, in nature, inside your body.

Write a flash fiction story or a prose poem (no broken lines) inspired by SOUND.

Kaye LindenDidjeridu Dreaming

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