Still Car Crazy after all these years…

(© Magicinfoto | – MG TB On Vintage Car Parade Photo)   I’ve written some crazy stories but now I’m looking at personal essays as snippets of memoir that I might write with the class I am about to take: Personal Essays.   Here’s a snippet, a true story.   See if you think it works.  Americans aren’t the only ones to have a love affair … Read More

Kaye LindenStill Car Crazy after all these years…

Basic elements of flash fiction handout from kaye published by Jim Harrington on Flash Fiction Chronicles

Standing in a market in Tel-Aviv.  Look at the items behind me and apply the basic elements of flash to write a tiny tale. Thank you to Jim Harrington for publishing my handout for everyone to use and enjoy. Flash Fiction Chronicles: Basic Elements of Flash Fiction: a Short Fiction Workshop Handout Basic Elements of Flash Fiction: a Short Fiction … Read More

Kaye LindenBasic elements of flash fiction handout from kaye published by Jim Harrington on Flash Fiction Chronicles

Extremes, opposites and yang yin or yin yang or whatever

Time circles into itself in an infinite loop of circles and we continue to mark time in human terms even as the universe laughs. New year, old year, future, past, present, circles in and out. The photo with the camels: the desert in Southern Israel where kids are riding camels in the middle of winter. (our son among them) The … Read More

Kaye LindenExtremes, opposites and yang yin or yin yang or whatever

Faithless in Jerusalem

Here I am a few days ago in Jaffa, Tel-Aviv, outside an old mosque in the mostly Jewish area of Jaffa. The Imam gave us permission to take a photo. The doors are a work of art. What a day! My Israeli friend took me around in her little fast-paced car that can park anywhere. She hangs half her body … Read More

Kaye LindenFaithless in Jerusalem

another tiny story for you…

Just got accepted into another MFA program.  This time, in prose poetry, haiku and some flash. “What are you nuts?” My friend asked.  (You know who you are) Is it worth pursuing? Absolutely. Nuts?  Yes. Why pursue a second MFA? To enjoy the structure and support an MFA offers. Enjoyment of the process.  I don’t give a damn about the … Read More

Kaye Lindenanother tiny story for you…

The Case of Mrs. Belle’s Creaky Bones and Stiff Brain

  I posted this picture just for fun. No, these tiny creatures are not rats.  They are baby kangaroos. Each one has a personality that shines through his eyes and body language. What would you name each one of these? Prompt: Write a short story about a secret meeting, after hours, in an abandoned house in the suburbs.   What do … Read More

Kaye LindenThe Case of Mrs. Belle’s Creaky Bones and Stiff Brain

Old Women and Old Dogs

A tiny micro for your pleasure, with my attached haiku.    This piece is included in my upcoming short story collection with the working title “She Wears Hot Pink Jeans”    (or perhaps “Running Naked in the Mall” or…????) The following story is currently published in the printed journal of Miracle magazine’s “The Cage” issue #9 Your comments are always welcome.     … Read More

Kaye LindenOld Women and Old Dogs

The crying elephant

The other day I read about an elephant who cried tears of joy when she was finally released after years of captivity.  I had heard that elephants shed tears but couldn’t bring myself to watch the video of this poor creature crying.   My mind spun out in a philosophical debate about tears of joy versus tears of grief.  Human emotions?  … Read More

Kaye LindenThe crying elephant

Keep Writing and Reading

Prompt for today: Who, what, where, when, how, and why, about “falling into or out of a black hole”    Write about this concept from an unusual angle.    I will post and share your stories.  Keep them under 250 words with each word carrying meaning. Alternatively, write a haiku without following rules but three lines only.  No adverbs, adjectives or weightless words. … Read More

Kaye LindenKeep Writing and Reading

Saving Face: a flash fiction

Do you look in the mirror and see your mother?   Are you beginning to see her traits in your behavior?   Read the flash that follows from my upcoming collection of short stories. “Hot pink jeans with a switchblade in the pocket”   (working title: suggestions welcome)   Saving Face   I stumble into my bathroom at five, turn on the light, … Read More

Kaye LindenSaving Face: a flash fiction