Call for Submissions from Bacopa Literary Review As poetry editor it is my honor and pleasure to invite submissions for the 2016 international print journal. No entry fees! Prize possibilities. Publishing possibilities. Nothing to lose. I invite you to submit your most unusual poetic styles, including prose poetry, lyrical narrative, fixed forms or traditional broken line poems. Your choice. We look for succinct poetic language, … Read More

SOF IncCall for Submissions from Bacopa Literary Review

a god falls from grace

  I thought you might enjoy my sharing the Editor’s blog from Bacopa Literary Review where I am the poetry editor this year. In my MFA poetry class, I was prompted to write a poem in response to a painting. This is known as “ekphrastic” poetry.  Check out the poem and comment. Please submit to the Bacopa Literary Review this … Read More

Kaye Lindena god falls from grace

What is she doing in my mommy’s car?

Here’s a sample of my memoir in prose poetry/poetry/flash for final thesis. Up today on a lovely poetry site (Don’t talk to me about love). Check it out. This is my first post after breaking both arms in a pilates class and losing my mother three days later, but…that’s another story. These pieces were originally in prose poetry format but … Read More

Kaye LindenWhat is she doing in my mommy’s car?

Some People are Just Prickly

I thought this was an interesting prompt that my MFA class did last semester. (prose poetry, Eve Jones) See what you can come up with. My response is below. Write a piece about a specific kind of plant. Find one with an interesting defensive system, or that grows somewhere special. Research it. Then take three or so of those details … Read More

Kaye LindenSome People are Just Prickly

In Search of a Yellow Flower

The Helmonit is an elusive yellow flower that grows in the Israeli desert en masse after early winter rains. Last week, our Israeli friends took us in their jeep in search of carpets of yellow flowers. We did not go far enough south to find them flowering like the traditional “carpets of yellow” but we did discover this one lonely … Read More

Kaye LindenIn Search of a Yellow Flower

I Hate Skiing

The Nitty Gritty of Skiing in and out of Purgatory a pathetic Kaye attempt at humorous writing I hate skiing. I must be the only person I know who feels this way. We moved to Durango, Colorado for ten years and during the first December, friends took us on a moonlit dogsled ride. I froze my arse off. I hated … Read More

Kaye LindenI Hate Skiing

Bon Voyage and all the rest of it…. a study in lyric essay and memoir

Essay from photo collection Kaye Linden Bon Voyage and All the Rest of It… The skinny blonde girl of five or six, in a black and white framed photo, a faded photo with tiny cracks, stands dwarfed by five others, next to her older mousey sister who wears a dress that appears grown up and dowdy, too long, too dark, … Read More

Kaye LindenBon Voyage and all the rest of it…. a study in lyric essay and memoir

The Wet

    Don’t ask me why I chose to publish with this online magazine.  I have to say that I loved the name: Rat’s Ass Review An online poetry review, the editors love whacky, eccentric and unusual poetry.  I just completed a prose poetry MFA class and came up with some “out there” prose poems.  Of course, I can never leave … Read More

Kaye LindenThe Wet

Repairing your corner of the world

  In Judaism, “tikun olam” means repairing the world.  Today, I repaired my corner of the world by cleaning the street.  Yes, I looked like a mad woman, but who cares?    What made me decide to do this? We own a mutt, half whippet and half chihuahua (don’t ask) – a rescue found on the side of the road a … Read More

Kaye LindenRepairing your corner of the world

To my son on deployment to Africa…

Live your life like someone left the gate open. “Why someone else’s son and not me?” I had no answer. Go. Run with the wind Laugh with the children in Africa remember your country trust no-one remember your people trust no-one remember your mother trust no-one remember to polish your boots, shave your head, wash the uniform of the American infantry, … Read More

Kaye LindenTo my son on deployment to Africa…